• Lydia Acevedo

A Poem: Under Stars

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Staring at the sky,

I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, 

My arms give way.

I start to feel a loss of words to say-


Say… don't you remember the last time we saw a shooting star?

The time we danced along the river?

The time- time didn't move at all?

I like life best when I am laughing,

When everyone is laughing.

I wanna take a rocket ship to the moon,

Like the classic film,


I want to step on the stepping stones you call "stars".

I want something,

Something new,

Something I ever knew was: our Atoms are made up of millions of stories,

Millions of memories,

Millions of words that may never leave my lips.

Most of what I write might be nonsense,

But space keeps overlapping. 

And parallels leave me crossed. 

And I'm Ok.

The weight of the word isn't always on my shoulders, 

As much as it is in my palms.

I thank you for reaching out,

Lessening my struggle.

Time may keep moving but like you said

"Be a good human being"

And the rest won’t feel so blue.

Photo by: Lydia Acevedo.

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