• Lydia Acevedo

A Poem: Years Go By Every-time

Words are always moving,

Putting words together isn't as easy as it once was.

Are we looking for fruit for thought?

Or are we looking for someone to feed our mind?

The world doesn't rely on love, rhyme,

The world moves through time and I’m stuck in between the stars.

One resting two galaxies away from mars.

I wish I could write to you. 

I wish I could hand you a letter,

These feelings only come so often.

But I know words can always make one feel better.

You make me feel like that one part of your favorite song. 

“Wait for it”

Wait for it. 

I’m always waiting.

Dangling by a thread.

My mind is always on edge,

But the sound of my “sorry’s” is outweighed by the anxiousness of this poem.

The anxiousness of the unknown.

The feeling of going home after far too long.

It feels like years go by everytime I write a poem.

My mind is everywhere,

My head is always in the clouds and I feel like you’ll understand

You always understand.

Books got harder

Jokes got funnier

And time is still fleeting.

Thank you for these moments

Ones that will last a lifetime. 

Weather that time is spent traveling from New York to L.A.,

Or simply my thoughts going onto a blank page,

Universe to universe time pauses perfectly.

Looks like I am writing, and things are very much “o.k.”

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